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Why Digitalization Now?

Digitalization to respond flexibly to changes

Digitalization is an extremely effective and economical means of achieving sustainable growth in a rapidly changing and highly uncertain environment.

The spread of the Internet and globalization is bringing about major changes in not only the social and business environments, but also on the way we communicate, our lifestyles, and even our values. 
As a result, consumer needs are rapidly diversifying and becoming more individualized.

Companies that provide products and services face a greater need than ever for tailoring their communications and products to each individual customer with unique and appealing products and experiences.

One example of this is the rapid increase in the number of companies that offer customization or personalization services, such as manufacturing products specifically for a particular customer, or creating a special purchasing experience.

These companies must not only respond to conventional demands for quick delivery and competitive pricing, but also new challenges, such as handling a wide range of products in small lots, providing attractive experiences, and offering eye-catching designs.

Digitalization is the best way to respond to these changes in a profitable and flexible manner.

Benefits of Digitalization

We believe that digital technology has the power to release the four constraints of time, distance, space, and skill. Another key trend today is that people are becoming more creative.

Those benefits brought about by digitalization help create an environment where workers can maximize their creativity, leading to the creation of more unique and attractive products and new businesses.

Repetition of creative, high quality work also brings a sense of joy and accomplishment, and fosters a high level of motivation and a spirit of challenge to grow more and produce better work.

This is the greatest benefit of digitalization: that as each individual demonstrates their creativity and vitality, a positive spiral is activated in which the numerous advantages have a positive impact on each other, and each advantage is further accelerated.



Streamlined operations


  • – Respond to increasingly shorter delivery times
  • – Flexibility to respond to sudden changes
  • – Significant cost savings through leaner processes
  • – Effectively use the time to improve the quality of work
  • – Allows for multiple trial and error
  • – Reduced overtime and better work-life balance

Work anytime, anywhere


  • – Respond to unexpected events even when working remotely
  • – Facilitates cross-border business
  • – Achieves the same quality outside of a well-equipped environment

Compact and simple to operate


  • – Can be used in a limited space
  • – Reduces the space and cost for equipment and tools
  • – Realizes a clean workplace with less contamination and danger
  • – Easier for employees to work and to train the next generation talent

Anyone can perform advanced work


  • – Enables becoming a skilled worker right away without expertise and experience
  • – Produces consistently high quality
  • – Solves the skill transfer problem due to the aging of craftsmen

The Secret to Success in Digitalization

The illustration of The Secret to Success in Digitalization

When some people hear the word “digitalization,”
they think of capital investment using AI or robots. However, “digitalization” does not have to be a large and difficult undertaking.

Introducing an on-demand printer in the design department, or 3D CAD in R&D, are examples of digitalization, as is converting handwritten manuals into digital data.

While there is no single application of digitalization, there is an optimal solution for each job according to its content, scale, and situation.

In order to find the best digitalization solution for your business success, it is important to clarify the purpose you are introducing digitalization for.

In this respect, if you are already looking at this site because you want to solve something, the path to success through digitalization is already open to you.

There is only one thing left to do. Challenge yourself. So take the first exciting step with us.


Featured Digitalization by Industry

This section introduces the current status of digitalization in various industries and how business processes are changing, along with specific examples.