Social Media Policy

1. About this document

This document outlines employees’ commitment in the working use of social media by Roland DG Corporation (hereinafter, “we”/”us”).

2. Basic policy

We communicate with stakeholders in order to raise corporate value based on the company slogan: “Be Creative, Be The Best, and Be Enthusiastic.”

3. We carry out information transmission and correspondence activities with recognition of the following:

  • Never forgetting to listen closely to the words of the other party
  • Taking care to avoid expressions that will lead to misunderstanding
  • Transmitting information for which the company will be highly regarded
  • Transmitting information that can be accessed by an unspecified large number of users
  • Understanding that transmitted information cannot be completely deleted
  • Always being conscious of responsible conduct
  • Fulfilling one’s responsibilities in ordinary work
  • Recognizing expertise gained as being beneficial, and giving in-house feedback

4. Compliance with laws and ordinances

  • We will comply with all kinds of laws and ordinances.
  • When quoting transmissions/articles, etc. from third parties, we will clearly state the sources and quoted portions.

5. Information and requests for all users

  • Information transmitted includes opinions of individual employees; therefore, it does not necessarily represent the company’s official announcements/points of view.
  • Please check the Roland DG website and news releases for official announcements.
  • Information is current at the time of transmission, and is therefore subject to change.
  • The means of dialogue (replies, methods, correspondence time, etc.) may differ depending on the account in question.

6. For inquiries regarding this policy

Roland DG Corporation

Published: January 8, 2014