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Customization is Now the Norm as Gaming Tools Become Tools for Self-expression.

Mika Orimo

What kind of image do you have of video game consoles? In the past, they were square boxes with basic colors such as ivory, maroon, gray, white, black, etc., and most of them seemed rather inorganic and plain. On the other hand, most game consoles these days are colorful, and portable ones are usually available in several colors. In addition, people are increasingly playing games on PCs rather than purchasing home video game consoles. When playing games on a PC, it is common to use a gaming PC with high performance, such as processing speed. Many people also play games on their smartphones, which they use all the time. The gaming environment has changed dramatically over the years.

Games are no longer just for children. It is now a well-established hobby for adults as well and many people enjoy playing games. Furthermore, electronic sports (Esports), in which games are played as professional competitions and entertainment, are gaining momentum around the world, and many professional gamers are active in this field. Not long ago, it attracted attention that Esports might even become an official event of the Olympic Games.

Did you know that game peripherals can also be customized to meet your needs for originality? Some people purchase not only the manufacturer's original controllers, but also customized controllers with buttons on the back, larger sticks, better grips, and other customization related to game operability. Of course, it is also possible to customize the look and feel of the design. At Colorware, for example, you can freely combine the colors of each part of the game controller to create your own original design.

Users can also customize controllers with their own original stickers. Since the controller is three-dimensional, it is difficult to apply ordinary stickers to it, and if they peel off, it can become difficult to use for playing games. Therefore, a custom skin production service is now available that digitally prints your favorite text or illustrations and cuts them to fit the size of the controller. You will want to take advantage of this digital technology to find your own unique design.

Game peripherals are not limited to controllers. If the mouse and headset are also included with a unified design, the creativity of the game will increase dramatically. It is not uncommon for people to build their own gaming PCs. A home-built PC is a highly specialized product in which you select and combine the parts of your choice. In the past, it had an image of being only for computer savvy and advanced users, but in recent years, it is not difficult to obtain a wide variety of parts, and there are many websites that disclose how to make your own PC, so it is now much easier than before to take on the challenge.

Of course, if you are assembling your own PC, you will want to pay attention not only to the features and specifications, but also to the appearance. To begin with, many gaming PCs have fans, CPU coolers, and even cables that glow. It is also common to see acrylic or other transparent cases that are lit up with LEDs so that the interior can be seen. Not only the interior but also the case can be painted or combined with digital printing services to make it even more original.

Because of their large size, gaming PCs also have a high weighting in determining interior design. Many people may have designed an entire room, including not only the PC but also the monitor and gaming chair, as a single space with a specific creative concept. Today, many people, including professional gamers, stream video games. If the gaming equipment in the video is stylish or cute, people are drawn to it. I feel that original items are widely used as tools to express one's character, commitment, and worldview.

Nowadays, rather than "I want to use the same thing as that fashionable person," or "I am a fan of that person so I want his/her goods," many people value their own individuality. The fact that the general public can now easily distribute photos and videos to the world has also made it possible so that many people are now sharing their own original ideas for everyone to see.

Because gaming tools are highly hobbyist-oriented, people want to express their individuality. The circle of people who want to share their own customized concepts with others will continue to expand. In addition to competing with others, games in which you build your own town or house are also popular. Even in online games, it is now commonplace to customize your own characters and their costumes. Games have become a tool to show off one's individuality and digital advancements are increasing the degree of creative freedom. I look forward to seeing what kind of things we will be able to customize in the future.

World Digitalization News

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