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Customized Suitcase Printing Service by PRINCESS TRAVELLER

Founded by brother and sister Tim and Florentine Ouborg, Dutch company PRINCESS TRAVELLER is a brand that offers suitcases, bags and travel accessories.

The company cares very much about providing customers with a special experience and feeling, not just selling products.

This is because they have inherited the belief that "doing business is to entertain" from Add Ouborg, their father and the founder of PRINCESS, a popular household products company with highly functional and unique designs.

As such, the company is always looking to incorporate new ideas and innovations into its business.

suitcase print

The "customized printing" service that the company is currently focusing on is one such example. For a long time now, there have been many requests for original printing on a small number of suitcases with a need for quick delivery.

However, there was no optimal printing technology to meet such needs. In response, they partnered with Multicopy, a specialist in specialty printing, to develop an innovative printing process that utilizes digital printers to produce high-quality, full-color images.

Today, the company is able to quickly handle original printing of as little as one item, and these personalized travel products have grown to become one of the company's most popular items.

We look forward to the future development of PRINCESS TRAVELLER, which continues to produce new travel stories.

World Digitalization News

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