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Making Eye Decals with Digital Printing and Cutting On A Single Device

Character figures are decorated in a variety of ways, including painting, printing, and decals, depending on their designs. In particular, the character's eyes require delicate coloring and expression. The eyes of a typical figure are usually decorated by pad printing. Pad printing involves platemaking and printing one color at a time, but with high-definition inkjet-printed water transfer decals, multicolor printing with gradations can be done in a single process. Since it is easy to change the design and it can be produced from a single piece, it is suitable for small-lot production for prototyping purposes, as well as for original decal production. In this article, we will introduce the production of eye decals using the desktop printer VersaSTUDIO BN2-20.

What you need

VersaSTUDIO BN2-20 Eco-Solvent Inkjet Printer/Cutter

Production Process

  • STEP1

    Design data production

    Prepare design data according to the dimensions of the area to which decals are to be applied.

  • STEP2

    Adding cut lines to a design

    Add cut lines to cut along the design.

  • STEP3

    Set the water transfer sheet in the printer

    Set the water transfer sheet to be printed in the printer.

  • STEP4

    VersaWorks 6 configuration

    Load the design data into VersaWorks and set the print settings such as image quality.

  • STEP5

    Print & Cut

    Print and cut with the BN2-20 inkjet printer/cutter.


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