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Making 3D Model Decals with a UV Inkjet Printer/Cutter

From scale models of airplanes, cars, and buildings to fictional character models such as robots, decals are an essential item to give your plastic model a more realistic look. In addition to the decal sheets that come with a model kit, custom decals are also available for users who want to customize their products.

UV-Printed Three-dimensional Decals

Typical model decals use water transfer sheets and are mainly printed using silk screen printing.

With UV ink, however, you can not only print in vivid full color, but also create a three-dimensional effect by applying thick layers of clear ink. By combining clear layered printing and color printing, it is possible to create decals with designs that are difficult to express with paint, such as mold-like 3D textures and patterns.

There is also a business that uses UV printing to produce realistic decals with a 3D effects that is attracting the attention of model fans.

User Case Story

The Pursuit of Accurate Detail is the Passion that Max Model Puts into the Decoration of Vehicle Models

Examples of UV-printed decals

What you need

TrueVIS MG-300 UV inkjet printer/cutter (Ink type: EUV-5 CMYKWhWhGlGl)

Production Process

  • STEP1

    Design data for color printing and cutting

    Prepare design data according to the dimensions of the area where the decal will be pasted. Add a cutting line.

  • STEP2

    Design data for embossed and texture effects

    Prepare the data for the area to be thickened with layered ink. The height difference is expressed by the shade of the ink.

  • STEP3

    VersaWorks 6 configuration

    Load the design data into VersaWorks and set the print settings such as image quality.

  • STEP4

    Print & Cut

    Print and cut with an MG-300 UV inkjet printer/cutter.


Solution Examples: Toy

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