Safe and Secure Decorating Solutions for Personalizing Wooden Toys Used by Children

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Safe and Secure Decorating Solutions for Personalizing Wooden Toys Used by Children

Toy decorations must be safe and suitable for different age groups, including infants and toddlers. The SF-200 printer equipped with INKU SF ink is proven to meet the European toy safety standard EN 71-3 and offers a new personalization solution for toy manufacturers, gift service providers, department stores and retailers.

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There are several types of decorating solutions, but the SF-200 is the best choice for low volume, full color printing. It can be used to decorate a variety of materials, including wood, ABS plastic, PVC, and leather . The SF-200 can be used for three-dimensional objects up to 100 mm in height, and its all-in-one, space-saving design makes it ideal for use in limited spaces such as offices.

  • STEP1


    Use design software to prepare design data for printing.

  • STEP2


    Set print conditions in VersaWorks 6.

  • STEP3


    Place the item in the base unit and perform pre-heating *⁴.

  • STEP4



  • STEP5


    Place the printed item in the base unit and perform ink curing.

Link to the SF-200 introduction video

Roland DG sales website.

  • *1 The SF-200 may not be available in some areas. For more information, please refer to the Roland DG sales website. (
  • *2 There is no guarantee of compliance with EN 71-3. It is the responsibility of the decorating manufacturer or decorating service provider to apply for and obtain safety standards.
  • *3 The degree of ink adhesion will vary depending on the material and conditions. Be sure to conduct a test beforehand.
  • *4 The need for pre- and post-treatment depends on the media.

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