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On-Demand Decoration of Brick Toys with the Laser Decorator

Brick toys are representative of toys that are enjoyed by children and adults of all ages. Among them, enthusiasts, also known as builders, produce kits of their own original designs and publish them on social media and Internet sites, attracting many fans and customers with their high degree of precision. These self-made kits are often produced by purchasing parts from online stores that sell brick toy parts.

For this article, we will introduce a laser foil decorator called the LD-300, which can print foil on brick toy parts on demand. This solution enables toy manufacturers, as well as stores that sell brick toy parts, printing service providers, and home enthusiasts to develop new personalization services.

Brick toy decorated with the LD-300 Laser Decorator. It can be used to produce homemade kits and personalized gift items.
Foil: DF-8079PG (gold), DF-8047PS (silver), KURZ LUXOR MTS (other colors)
Printing conditions: Power-Max 45, Speed 24mm/sec

What You Need

LD-300 Laser Decorator

VL-300 Vise Kit (optional kit for LD-300)

DGSHAPE METAZAStudio Software (included with the LD series)

Design software such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW

Metallic foil

Production Process

  • STEP1

    Design data production

  • STEP2

    Place the object on the LD-300

    Fix the brick toy to the table.

  • STEP3

    Setting up METAZAStudio

    Load the design data and adjust the transfer position with the laser pointer.

  • STEP4

    Print the foil

    Place the foil onto the leather material and cover it with the yellow light-absorbing film.
    Print the job with the LD-300.


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