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The Pursuit of Accurate Detail is the Passion that Max Model Puts into the Decoration of Vehicle Models.

Business Overview

Max Model was founded in 2008 in Florence, Italy, the city of art, and is a leading company in the field of designing and producing micro scale parts and decals for vehicle modeling. Their products are the culmination of the meticulous technical artistry of Massimo Marchi and Letizia Mattei, who have combined their extensive experience in model assembly and decal production for very small sizes with digital printing technology.

Use of the Digital Solution

Max Model uses the VersaUV LEF-200 UV flatbed printer to produce 3D decals by layering Clear ink and combining it with CMYK printing to reproduce the realistic vehicle decoration on a micro level with ultra-high precision.

Comparison of Before and After Solution Implementation


  • – Max Model was creating high quality, custom micro-scale 2D decals with an eco-solvent inkjet printer.


  • – Max Model is now also producing an additional product lineup with 3D microscale decorative parts and decals for precise reproduction of the vehicle model.
Reason for Choosing This Solution
  • – The VersaUV LEF-200 had everything they were looking for: extremely high-definition print quality, the ability to print on a wide range of model materials, easy-to-use software, and reliability.
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User Case Stories:Toy

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