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Future of Manufacturing Workshop Report

Advances in Artificial Intelligence (AI) affect everything from our daily lives to business. In addition to areas where AI has traditionally excelled, such as data analysis and translation, it has recently developed the ability to generate creative content such as illustrations and music, bringing significant changes to society.

This innovation is also beginning to impact education. In a world where AI has become a familiar presence, students are increasingly required to have AI literacy and skills in using this technology. As future leaders, hands-on learning of AI is essential for students to utilize cutting-edge technology and build a better society.

On November 11, 2023, a workshop to experience the Future of Manufacturing was held at Yokohama Municipal Minami High School in collaboration with Macnica, Inc. and Roland DG Corporation. The school is a combined junior and senior high school designated as a Super Global High School by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan. Through advanced initiatives such as intercultural exchange programs and seminars with various companies, this school focuses on developing students who can play an active role in the international community.

In this workshop, students had the opportunity to experience the creation of original pen holders using an Image Generative AI that allows anyone to easily create images from text prompts and a UV printer that can print directly onto various objects.

Thirty-four students who had expressed an interest in the workshop participated. For many of them, this was their first experience with AI.

"The era of a hundred million creators, where everyone can create things using AI and digital printers, has arrived!" said Mr. Motomura from Macnica Inc. as the session on creating illustrations using generative AI began.

Students try various AI prompts while consulting with others around them.

Despite the short time of 20 minutes, they created their designs through trial and error, attempting to create illustrations that were closer to their images by entering prompts in English and using other generative AI. Using their imagination, they created a wide variety of illustrations with themes such as "The future of the Earth" and " A more pop version of Guernica.”

After creating the illustrations, they printed them on pen holders.
The printer used this time was the VersaOBJECT LEF2-300, which can print on numerous materials and different shapes of items using UV ink and UV-LED lamps that instantly cure the ink.

Students were surprised to see the impact of the industrial inkjet printer they were seeing for the first time.

After learning how UV printing works, they were fascinated by the process.

Students were very pleased with the finished pen holder after printing.

After completing their original pen holders, they presented the themes of their creations. The lively event was filled with praise for each other's work and occasional laughter. During the question-and-answer session, there were questions about copyright issues related to the illustrations generated by AI, reflecting the students' interest in delving deeper into the subject.

The event was a great success. In a post-event survey of students, overall satisfaction with the event was high at 4.9 out of 5, indicating that it was a valuable learning opportunity for them.

Participants shared their impressions, including the following comments:

  • - “I really enjoyed it! I'm glad I chose this course!!!”

  • - “I realized that the latest technology can be valuable to both people and the earth, and I was very excited about the possibilities of the future. I was inspired to learn more at university and become someone who can contribute to the world.”

  • - “It was refreshing to experience advanced technologies that I had heard about but rarely had the opportunity to try.”

  • - “Having little experience with AI, I initially thought it would be difficult. But I learned that with the right approach, it has possibilities. I want to learn more and use it creatively in my way.”

Advances in technology are ushering in an era where anyone can create things. Hands-on learning with the latest technology like this workshop offers opportunities to expand students' knowledge in ways that traditional schooling may not provide. With the proliferation of such activities, the educational landscape could change significantly.
We can't wait to see the future achievements of the students who participated in this workshop!

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